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As a Customer Data Platform (CDP), FirstHive enables brands to build persistent customer identities by aggregating data from across all sources of customer interactions and customer transactions. (viz. ERP, CRM, Website, Social, PoS, mobile app, customer care, etc.) We enable brands to drive higher marketing ROIs by using this persistent first-party data created, rather than making channel specific optimization decisions.

Your customers engage with your brand via multiple touch points. How do you know if it is the same customer that you’re talking to, across different channels? Your message to that customer might not be consistent and you may lose a sale on terms of bad customer experience. This is not just you, but the problem with most of the marketers today is that they don’t have a comprehensive view of their customer identity.

FirstHive was born of this desire to enable the evolution of marketing and make marketing accessible and relevant to our users. We believe, marketing shall not be a shot in the dark, but an informed rational action. Our proprietary algorithms pull and integrate customer data collected from multiple touchpoints and create customer identities for marketers to take better decisions. FirstHive enable brands create better and more impactful campaigns, which resonate with their consumers resulting in more likes, shares, click throughs, walk ins, and ultimately sales.

This is why some of the largest brands in the world, across multiple sectors, are today using FirstHive to forward their marketing and business objectives across millions of shoppers and customers. So, come! Learn what makes your customers tick, with FirstHive.

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