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Marketing agencies around the world are getting restless with their client’s requirements. Today, their clients need proper personalized messaging with real-time visibility to the campaign performance. Still, most of the agencies rely on decade old technology, i.e using multiple marketing channels in silos that doesn’t talk to each other. It’s time to adapt cross channel marketing and surprise your clients.

Why Partner with FirstHive?

Marketing Platform - Your Arsenal

FirstHive is a robust, comprehensive marketing platform with many shooters in it’s arsenal. Perform high quality email marketing, trigger bulk SMS for instant customer engagement or manage multiple social media channels, all from one dashboard. Maintaining client accounts and managing their multiple marketing activities cannot get more handy and structured.

Informed Decisions - Get Personal

When you perform multi-channel marketing campaigns via FirstHive, you also get to view the consolidated customer data collected from across multiple channels. It shows you how a particular customer reacted and interacted with your brand on different channels. You can use this insight to build a personalized message for that customer which makes her feel special.

Simplicity - For You’re in a Rush

Even with cross-channel marketing capabilities, FirstHive promises a simple and intuitive user interface. After signing up, you get up and running in minutes. Create, design, execute and track wonderful campaigns in couple of clicks, without any IT support whatsoever. Every report, dashboard and other important information you need, is accessible at your fingertips.

Better Leads - Better Conversions

The advanced analytics feature of FirstHive makes sure that you learn your customer’s behaviour and that your messages are relevant to your audience. This strategy filters your lead database from junk contacts and keeps your data clean and high on quality. The high quality data thus obtained, shows better conversion rates and impressive revenue charts of your clients.

Real Time - Your Client is Watching

Trigger campaigns and enjoy the thrill of watching it perform in real-time. Share the user control with the client and let them have the view too.

Same Powerful Software for Agencies as for Fortune500 Brands