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Your customers no longer engage with your brand through a single interface. They tweet to your brand, participate in your Facebook contests, follow you on Instagram, speak to your customer support specialists, walk into your stores to check out your merchandize, and browse online options to see if they are getting a better deal. FirstHive ensures that your brand messaging across channels delivers a seamless experience to your customers, and you’re armed with the right data to respond and push the customer towards conversion.

Integrate Your Customer Touchpoints

Capture customer data in the form of interactions, transactions, or behaviour across multiple customer touchpoints employed by your brand. Capture data across email, mobile, social, PoS, and the web. Push the relevant data to your engagement channels and deliver a seamless experience to your customers, irrespective of their choice of channel to interact with your brand. When you are dealing with customer interactions across a myriad of customer touchpoints, you need FirstHive to enable a seamless, relevant experience, as well as ensure complete automation, at scale.

Integrate Your Communication

Own the customer journey and tailor 1-to-1 communication relevant to them. Use triggers generated by a particular channel to design and deliver a push on another. FirstHive pulls in data across all channels and enables you to communicate across email, mobile, web, and social channels, thereby ensuring seamless, orchestrated messaging.

Integrate Your Marketing Tools

Use FirstHive to collate your marketing data and employ best-of-breed platforms and tools to engage with your customer. Use FirstHive to build a ‘System of Intelligence’ between your ‘Systems of Record’ (PoS, CRM, ERP, etc.) and your ‘Systems of Engagement’ (marketing automation, email marketing, social media management, etc.) FirstHive enables you to bring every channel to the same party so they dance to the same tune. You can even invite your team members and provide differential data access across the various tools in your marketing stack.

Integrate Your Insights

FirstHive provides you a single, unified view of your brand’s marketing, across all your brand touchpoints. Use our interfaces to pull in data from your e-store, see how your customers have trended with time, capture your customer footprint across channels, analyze the ideal time of day and day of week to schedule your campaigns, or even plug in your Google Analytics, all the dashboards you need to manage your brand’s marketing. Or just use our APIs to push the relevant data to your favourite data visualisation or analytics platforms.

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