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The biggest problem faced by marketers today is the inability to track the unique behaviour of their customers across all their touch points, and map it to named shoppers. A customer’s context of engagement with the brand changes by channel, time, and external triggers. FirstHive intelligently creates a customer identities and enables identification of various personas and contexts of conversation across channels, which helps you decode her behaviour across channels, and run intelligent campaigns that drive conversions.

Know Your Customers Better

A single integration gets you access to all your customer data in a single interface. Our patent pending Uniquification algorithms enables creation of customer identities wherein which maps the unique behaviour across channels to named customers. Create rich profiles and use the advanced tag management features to add context to the data captured. Slice and dice the data using our powerful segmentation feature and push the same to a platform or tool of your choice.

Get Smarter at Targeting

When you have a plethora of insights, you look intelligent in front of your customers. Understand your customer behaviour across channels and create targeted campaigns. Having mapped your customer journey across your customer touchpoints enables you to create rich customer profiles, which leads to more relevant communication, leading to better conversions. Use FirstHive as your marketing ‘brain’ that enables relevant, contextual conversations with your customers, at scale.

Look Good in Your Customer’s Eyes

Create a connect with your customers by paying attention to the details that matter. Analyze their past purchases, behavioural activities and preferred channels. Let our Machine Learning algorithms make recommendations for the ideal channel, message, time, and audience. FirstHive empowers global brands to manage their first party data and create a data asset that can enable smarter targeting, thus ensuring you remain relevant for your customers.

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